Spirit’s Seasons, A Series – Football, Episode VIII

THE FOLLOWING WEEK Spirit had a talk with Mr. Skosum. “I believe those pain killers are harming Swift. His grades have been falling since the Falcons game. He’s been impulsive in school. He hasn’t been making good decisions on or off the field. Instead of eluding the defense he tries to run at them and over them, but he doesn’t have the body for that type of football. And it’s rumored that he’s takin’ up smokin’ again. I’d recommend that we throw out the pills and take the boy to a tribal counselor.”

Mr. Skosum agreed. The two adults were well-respected by the boy so he followed their recommendations. Swift started meeting with the tribal counselor twice a week. That counselor used modern clinical techniques, but he also used some ancient medicine wheel methods as well. The younger Skosum began to revert back to his confident, sharp self. His grades started coming back up, he stopped ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า smoking, and he was making good decisions on and off the field too.

The rest of the season went well for the Bobcats. The next game was at home against Pend Oreille Falls. In previous years the Rangers were known for speed and agility, they had been dubbed The Runnin’ Rangers. But this year was different. They were a slow team without any fast backs or receivers. However, they had three quick-reacting, strong, large linemen to contend with. After the success at the end of the Eureka game, Coach Sintasket decided to start the same lineup that had finished that last big win. The first handoff went to CresentMoon. However, the Ranger linemen ran over the Bobcat line and caught Cloud in the backfield. They were big enough and strong enough to bring him down. The second and third plays from scrimmage were the same call and those downs netted the same result. These Ranger linemen were no fluke. Spirit realized he needed Cloud back on the line and continued the game with his regular starting lineup. Once again the Skosum brothers were evading the defense and netting big yards, and the game soon became a runaway.

The last four league games went the same way. Occasionally, Spirit put the ball back in Cloud’s hands and the results were spectacular; but throughout most of each game Larry distributed the ball evenly between Tyee, Mac, the Skosum brothers, Peanut, and Five. He also gave Larry a few breathers as Spirit began using Chase, Jr. in the quarterback position. Each of those remaining games proved to be easy wins for the Bobcats.

At the end of the season, the Panthers and Bobcats were tied for first in league with one loss each. And three teams had emerged tied for the district number two spot. Those included the Panthers, the Bobcats, and the second place team from the Quad-County League, the Somday-Seltice Coyotes. Each school ended the regular season with a 5-1 league record. The three teams were scheduled to meet at a neutral field, Eleven Mile Falls School District near Spokane. The teams would have a three-way Kansas tie breaker and one would emerge to play the undefeated Winona-Revere/Ronan Wildcats with the winner headed to the 8-Man Washington State Quarterfinals.